A Chimp and Dinner Pants; My New Friends for 2017

I got some mention-worthy gifts at this year's end. I'm a happy girl to be taking these things along with me into 2017. Here are a few things I'm excited about. 

  •  I got a new Giving Key necklace. If you don't know about Giving Keys, they're actual keys engraved with a word that signifies a spiritual virtue. This is my second Giving Key on account of my giving the first one away. (That's what you're supposed to do). You attempt to better live out "your key word", and then you give the key to someone else. This time my key says Peace. This one will be a toughy as I'm a worry wart. I also frequently describe my brain as Richard Scarry's "Busytown" (Even though I cease productivity, my brain hardly ever rests).  Peace like a river hardly ever "attendeths my way". 
  • This is a picture of my brain. Photo Credit: mrbiggs.com
  •  I may have this peace necklace for a while. When you see me, say a little prayer for me that I'll better spend my time with The Prince of Peace -allowing him to settle my insides. 

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7

    • I got dinner pants (jeans) for my birthday.  That's what I call them anyway (besides calling them friend). They're really for after dinner. I have a problem with all of my other pants in the period that directly follows any time I eat. The place where the button fastens starts to protrude like a sharp-shaped outie. It's neither attractive or comfortable. My (after) dinner pants skip the button altogether. They're nice and stretchy and keep my stomach looking slightly more flat. I can eat dinner without having to change into pajama pants afterward (or else my workout pants that are hardly familiar with exercise). 

      • I also got a new email address that will help us be more easily connected. Jason wrapped up this beautiful chalkboard art done by Janaye at Chalk This Way to present the gift.  When I opened it, I was misty-eyed at its beauty before I realized the significance of the gift he had given me. My posts are easier to manage and it's also now easier for readers to subscribe to God's Girlies. (Just look below). 

        • Oh yeah, the Chimp, my new friend... Mailchimp is the name of the new service that will make emailing and subscribing a cinch for you and I both. In just the past two days I gained dozens of new subscribers, something I've struggled to do in the past four and a half years. Have I ever mentioned that Jason is my favorite person? 
        • This website has a fresh face too.  Check out Gabbing to His Glory. It's updated. I have a new family picture where the kids'smiles are without baby teeth (Kind of sad, but I'm pretty proud of how they're growing). 

        For those of you who have subscribed in the past, you will be automatically receive posts through Mailchimp now. The old email service will still also send you posts until you unsubscribe.  You'll just have to click on the post that looks like this and hit the highlighted blue unsubscribe button. It will send you a confirmation email. Then you'll be set. 

        The one you keep (sent through Mailchimp) will look like this. 

        Bring on 2017. Comfort, style and convenience are coming with me. 

        If you've never subscribed and want to, here you go...

        Thank you for reading. 

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