650 (Plus) Days in the Making


Things I could be doing right now:

  • Finishing the laundry
  • Loading the dishwasher
  • Sitting outside (It's 73 degrees...my sweet spot.)
  • Rescuing the dusty, stray sock underneath my husband's chair
  • Enjoying the fact that my new book was published five days ago

What I'm doing instead:

  • Staring at the half-folded, half-wrinkling load of clean laundry in front of me
  • Ignoring the dishes and the sock
  • Listening to the sound of the neighbor kids playing football in their yard
  • Doing the finger hover over my keyboard thinking about how I can best let you know about my new book.

I'll probably have a hard time hushing up about it because it took me more than six hundred and fifty days to write. What am I saying?!... It kind of took my whole life to write, because, well, you see, the book is on surrender. My life, in its entirety has served as a pretty nifty non-example of what a wholly surrendered life looks like. I've been half-surrendered, or else, Now I'm surrendered, now I'm not.

I would spend forty-something years hoping that being a genuine do-gooder who sits near the front pew on Sundays and REALLY loves Jesus would be enough. The grace of Jesus makes me enough. But, two Januarys ago my stubborn self would write, sign, and seal a promise to God. Only He can help me deliver. You better bet I'm asking His help... every day.

If you'd like to know a little more about the letter that prompted the book "Unending Surrender", download chapter one for free below. If you already just know that you have to have this book, skip right down to the second Buy this Book NOW! link.

Get Chapter One

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