Even in Bad Moments, on Bad Days and Hard Seasons

We’re never without a reason to rejoice. Somedays we think we’re just not “feeling it”.

On those days we get into the reserves.

On those days we pull out old joys...the joys that are forever ours.

We re-open treasures of God’s goodness and present grace. We hope in the joys that are to come.

We say “I am” happy. “I am” disappointed...frustrated...exhausted...because those are feelings. Joy isn’t intended to be a mood. Let me say that again... JOY isn’t intended to be a mood.

Joy is something we possess. It can’t be stolen. It can only be forgotten or ignored. It still belongs to us when pleasure and ease elude us. We just have to remember.

I HAVE joy.

We can always joy...and joy again.


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