Where are You Headed?

I have the privilege of carting a car full of youth on Wednesdays. I grab my youngest, Rylie, a couple of usuals, and then typically there's a new teen they've invited to our Wednesday night youth service.

I get to hear new music and snippets of interesting conversations. I know which teachers they love and which classes they're scared to fall asleep in.

Aside from the time one of them brought a snare drum along for the ride, our rides are pleasant.

Besides taking them to church there's a group I take home. We decided last night that maybe they should start doing Rock Paper Scissors to see who goes home last. Even though they argue like siblings, they enjoy each other.

Last night's debate piece was centered around the word bound. Eighth grade is taking the PSAT. Hoping it was something I hadn't missed, I asked if it was something we were supposed to have signed up for. They explained that it was for college bound students.

My daughter said that she wasn't college bound, thinking that it insinuated that college was around the corner. A lively discussion ensued about what the word bound meant. You could be Colorado bound, but still stop at Bucees and other places on your way, one kid said.

And it got me to thinking. Everyday when I get up do I correctly consider where I'm bound? Or am I shortsighted in my planning; only thinking about Bucees or the traffic in Dallas?

We're gifted with a sun that rises and sets, marking off a day, but eternity is the big prize.

Each day is a stop. Hopefully we pause to give thanks when we find ourselves out with a friend or on a date with our spouse. Surely we take a mental snapshot for keeping when we see our kids in a rare moment; getting along.

There are other days, and seasons, when heaviness pulls the hands of the clock almost to a stop. Our kid suffers. We wait for a test to come back.

Our journey is marked with road construction, shortcuts, road signs, passing lanes, and access roads. All of these things are worth our notice. It's just that every break and speedway is insignificant in light of our destination.

The map maker directs us to be glory bound. And glory rides with us; making the difficult along the way more bearable and the sweet, sweeter.

"Who shall come and go with me, I am bound for the promised land."


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2 thoughts on “Where are You Headed?

  1. Mary Carter

    Delightful story and a good reminder! Even when we are actually “bound” in the direction we should be going, it doesn’t prevent us from having trials and challenges along the way. Some of my best learning came from challenges I never expected!


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