Sipping Time

I usually have a punchline, a lesson, or something I really want to tell you (hastily concealed in paragraphs).

Not today, unless my typing ends up taking me to an unexpected place.

I’m just practicing writing. Telling you what I’m doing. Hopefully sharing what Jesus is doing. Being a good steward of my time (That’s what my husband’s 7 am devotion taught. I was listening.)

My website has had issues for the past month or so. I know this because I tried to write a brag post about the grand babies the day after they were born. I couldn’t get it to publish. I tried for a week!

Instead I’ve used the extra time I’ve had to reorganize my closet. I cleaned my laundry room and the tiny spare room upstairs. I scrubbed the hard water stains in my shower. I washed the outside windows, knowing the dogs would quickly re-stamp their paws on the panes. I’ve written letters...and got them sent.

Yesterday I bought a neck hammock on Amazon. (That might be why my husband, Jason, graciously offered to fix my website...because I’ve resorted to online shopping.)

I’m not knocking my purchase. I honestly think it will help with my headaches and tension. I’m just detailing how I’ve been spending my time.

And that’s the thing. I do spend it. If time were coffee I’d turn my mug up and gulp it down rather than ever enjoying its fragrance or taking a sip. I’ve got to be going, doing, accomplishing, fixing, buying, selling something...quickly to the day’s last drop.

I don’t drink coffee, but maybe I could better learn to sip time.

That’s one thing this Corona craze has afforded many of us...the opportunity to create moments and treasure what we often miss. For those working more hours than usual, the departure from our norm has caused time-sipping to be something you at least know you’re missing.

I talk to Jesus more these days; both at length and in short waves. In this time of having need and in acknowledging a certain level of uselessness I find myself praying more continually, thanking him for His goodness and talking to Him about my concerns...I’m being more still. And it certainly provides knowledge that “He is God.”

When we talk to Him and acknowledge His presence in these days He wipes the built-up monotony out of the corner of our sleepy eyes and shows us simple ways to enjoy and share joy.

This morning I got a picture of a family member’s set table that’s hosted more family meals lately. I read where someone bought coffee for a nurse. I scroll through pictures of my new grand babies both telling God how good He’s been and asking for more of His grace.

Here are William and Archie at three weeks! Tell God how good He is for me, will you?

I’m sipping time. And enjoying knowing that others are getting back to sipping theirs too. All we need now is a front porch, or do we already have a place where we can slow down and acknowledge all that’s good and the One who’s provided it for us.

“Desire without knowledge is not good-how much more will hasty feet miss the way.” Proverbs 19:2

Embrace the slow down. Drink in time. Sometimes in sips.

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