What’s Underneath the Gift?

I found this charm this morning in my catch-all tray. I took it out of my jewelry box a month ago to use its chain. Since, it’s just sat there, waiting for me to notice it.

I’ve never worn it. It’s not exactly my style, not to mention it came from a funeral home. One Valentine’s Day years ago my husband received it as payment from a funeral director and passed it on to me that tired evening when he got back home.

The necklace/earring set has come up a time or two through the years when a conversation has gone like, “Speaking of funny gifts...”

Today I saw that heart of gold a little different. It wasn’t picked out at Dillards or our local boutique as “something I’d love.” It wasn’t hard-shopped for, but it was hard-got. It was after ushering another family through grief that he came home and gifted me with it.

At the end of the day I’m certain he loves me best, but I’m married to someone who also loves and serves those he’s been called to. I’m thankful for that, and maybe a little proud. He works long hours; some of them are harder than I know.

I’ve seen that same sense of duty and gift of provision in so many spouses in weeks past. I watched husbands missing family dinners to fight fire and tend to emergency. I witnessed spouses go without meals and without sleep to provide for those they love and to serve/give to/build their community. Now that’s a gift.

When we’d just been married a couple of years, this same guy got me a pair of jumper cables for Christmas. Bewildered, I left them hanging out of the stocking and chunked them at him. He smiled and then encouraged me to look a little deeper. Not lady enough to deserve them, I pulled a strand of pearls from the bottom.

Already grateful recipients or not, we’d all do good to look a little deeper. Meager-seeming gifts are often most meaningful. And the best gifts aren’t really those things we wanted to receive, but instead those unrequested offerings and surprising recognitions where love came from deep down.

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