The Village Girl Handbook

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About The Village Girl Handbook


I gather you're here because you either got your hands on a copy of The Village Girl Handbook, or else you clicked on the (VGH) tab in the menu and it brought you here.  Either way, let me tell you about the book.

This book is the product of big dreaming and bigger praying. As grand as girlhood is, sometimes (a lot of times) we girls face struggle.  The enemy tries to make us believe we are defeated and alone.  That's not true. God places believers in our lives, namely sisters in Christ, who know what it is to struggle and overcome.  Such sisters have contributed their stories and experience and have offered their friendship in this book. Seize this reminder that we're more than conquerors through Christ.

  • Get ready to learn from these stories. 

...everything that was written in the past was written to teach us... Romans 15:4

  • Having battled such things as insecurity, loss of relationship, girl drama and loneliness, the writers give helpful advice. (Why you should love yourself How to know if you're in a bullying situation, How to battle fear...).  
  • The writers know the value of expressing yourself through journaling. They also know the importance of communicating with someone who knows the gospel truth. In this book you'll find activities such as devotion questions, journal prompts, quizzes, interview questionnaires and family coupons that will help and entertain the reader. 

Who should read this book?

  • Girls who have come to realize that life is full of struggle and need to be reminded that life is full of hope. Some content may be too mature for girls under the age of 10 without the guidance of someone older. 
  • Those caring for girls (parents, guardians, teachers, mentors...)

Topics this book touches on include:

  1. Feelings
  2. Hormones
  3. Having a learning disability
  4. Body image
  5. Insecurity
  6. Gratitude
  7. Sibling Rivalry
  8. Divorce
  9. Loss of Loved One
  10. Rejection/Abandonment
  11. Being Adopted/or in Foster Care
  12. Manners
  13. Responsibility
  14. Quality time (with family)
  15. Losing a friend/Ending a relationship
  16. Gossip
  17. Bullying
  18. Waiting to date
  19. Social Media Etiquette
  20. Periods
  21. Finding a mentor
  22. Loneliness
  23. Worry
  24. Fear
  25. Sin/Salvation
  26. Identity in Christ
  27. Sharing your testimony

How should this book be read?

As has been said, The Village Girl Handbook is a book of stories.  Most stories in this book, from girls and ladies, present a struggle followed by positive perspective rooted in experience and scripture. Many stories are followed up with an activity that encourages the reader to reflect or interact with an older experienced girl (through interview questions or a prompt). This book can be read devotion style (either alone, or with someone older depending on the maturity of the reader). This book would also make a great read for a book club or girls' group. 

Something to be aware of:

This book contains slightly sensitive subject-matter. One story relates the experience of getting your period for the first time and is followed with tips on how to handle your menstrual cycle. In another story, a writer tells about the tragic loss of her mother at the age of 10, to suicide.  One contribution speaks to girls on the dangers of sending inappropriate texts and pictures.  These stories, while sensitive in nature, delicately, but realistically, deal with experiences our growing girls may face, either directly or indirectly.

God states in the book of Genesis, that his creation is good (at one point he states that it is very good).  In Genesis 2:18 God says:

It is not good for the man to be alone.

We are meant to be in relationship, with God and with one another. God places people in our life so that we can relate with, and encourage one another.  The Village Girl Handbook seeks to do just that.  You, and your girl, are prayed for.

Your Friend,

Kristi Burden