Gabbing to His Glory


We all need community. Through being a pastor's wife, raising a family and having taught for over ten years, I've been right up in the the middle of community; a busy group of people with triumphs and struggles. With "go, go, go schedules', we often battle to find time to get past small talk. We yearn for more.

In addition to the people I'm surrounded by in my going out, I've come to find loving, supportive community in what I would have considered an unlikely place; behind the screen.

I detest speaking into a microphone, in front of a crowd and on voicemail, but I have plenty to say.  I've found joy in talking through finger taps on my keyboard where I can delete my "uhmms" and can take my time forming my sentiments. Editing is a most valuable tool in communication, especially for impulsive and socially anxious (and sometimes awkward)  gals like myself.

Through blogging I can present the nicer, shorter (yet still real) version of my thoughts. And I can do it in the comfort of my home with dirty hair, while in stretchy pants.  It's quite the deal. God's Girlies is over five years old and it's a growing blessing.  I believe it to be one of my life's most therapeutic and life-changing endeavors.

Let me be honest. This whole blogging idea wasn't mine.

It was my husband Jason's doing.  (He's my favorite person by the way.) He surprised me with this website. I suspect he secretly wanted me to have a place to share my thoughts and feelings (sometimes ad nauseum) without him having to hear every detail. So if you're reading this, Jason and I both thank you for lending us your ears. And I thank you for those times you graciously respond.

Jason and I have three kiddos who are responsible for the progressive increase in my blood pressure and the number of gray hairs.  I can't complain though, they've improved my prayer life. They're my joy and a big reason I have joint pain. (No, really, I love them.)

Our oldest is a couple of years outside of high school and is still making us work at parenting.  (We're supposed to be teaching him how to adult; something I'm not sure I've completely figured out yet.) I think he might be actually watching what we do. I thought that's what I wanted, but it's a little intimidating.

Our middle is in high school and is now behind the wheel. Letting your kids get behind the wheel is one of the single-most terrifying acts parents agree to (control freak talking here).  I think getting the second one behind the wheel is worse than the first because you fully know what you're getting into. Stay tuned.

The youngest, who we've fondly referred to as "our stop sign" is in middle school. This past summer, in just thinking about the whole middle school ordeal, an idea for my first book came; "The Village Girl Handbook".  It will come in handy for middle schoolers, those who deal with middle schoolers and will even be a nice read for "middle school survivors" (Seriously.).

If you can believe almost everything I say and find yourself relating to at least half of it, I'll feel accomplished. If you find yourself occasionally encouraged, well, that would be even better.

My biggest hope?

That through the exchange on our screens, God-glorifying ministry might be forged.

Thanks for reading.

Trusting God has brought us together in His goodness.

His by Grace,

Kristi Burden

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7 thoughts on “Gabbing to His Glory

  1. Memegriffin

    Kristi,  I enjoy reading your comments.  You and Jason are serving God in a wonderful way.  May Bless you and your kids.  Love you, Meme

  2. Kristiburden

    Meme,  That means so much!  I figure God has been so good, so we better try and tell!  Miss you much and hope to see you soon!

    1. Kristiburden

      I was just thinking about you guys yesterday. -Saw a picture of Will with Amy Koster and Christina Chandler's kiddos. We really miss y'all. -Sure hope plans to get together firm up soon. My email address is I don't know if Julie has it. I don't have her's anymore. Hug Julie and the kids for me!

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