Village Girl Handbook

In the summer of 2016, my older daughter and I observed a social situation where my younger daughter (who would soon be starting middle school) suffered a small but difficult rejection. Both my older daughter and I, like most growing girls, understand the struggles that life throws. Certain seasons of life seem to try and beat us up. Through our experience, we know that there is hope in the toughest of times and friendship found in the places we never thought to look.

My older daughter, Hallie, and I immediately put our heads together and came up with the idea of a "Book of Letters". We secretly burned up pages in a notebook.  We wrote, giving my younger daughter Rylie  advice on Social Media Etiquette and Hygiene. 

We reached out to her aunts, older cousins, babysitters and former teachers asking them to give her advice or tell her about an experience they had.

We took Rylie out on a special date the week before school started and presented the book to her.  The book was a smashing success in terms of supplying her with perspective, laughter and the confidence that she's not alone. She's still asking us to add to the book, and we are.

We've all three decided that a valuable book like this should be available to all middle school/junior high girls. A year was spent putting together what you know as The Village Girl Handbook. Though geared toward growing girls, its message will resonate with any girl who knows that "Life is hard, BUT GOD..."  

This is the book girls didn't know they needed from the friends they didn't know they had.


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