A Story of M&Ms and a Father’s Love

If you ever see me eating M&Ms you can be certain that they melt in my mouth AND in my hands.  -That's because I've microwaved them for as long as I can remember.  Before you start thinking that I'm crazy, know that I'm not the only one who does this. My siblings do it too.  And our children microwave their M&Ms.  My mom even has a stack of small microwavable bowls and a large container stocked with M&Ms at all times.

The origin of intentionally melting our M&Ms is quite simple. For years, my Dad drove eighty or more miles everyday from our small town to his workplace in Arlington.  He worked long hours and then had a long drive home.  I remember being excited along with my brother and sisters when we would hear his truck driving down the dirt road returning home.  We were doubly excited when, many times Dad would get out of his truck and then pat his shirt pockets.  That signal let us know that he had stopped on the way home to get M&Ms for each of us.  Having stayed in his pocket for the trip, the M&Ms were always melted to perfection.

My Dad

Having tasted my M&Ms that way, I have abandoned eating them any other way.  I mean, I may have tossed a few of the unmelted candies in my mouth if they were offered to me or if I see a bowl of them at a party.  But I hold no affection for them.

The candies I love are reminiscent of my father's love. They represent a father who, though busy and tired, took the time to make his children feel special and loved. They bring back time spent with my father. I am thankful my children and my nieces and nephews have experienced the thrill of seeing Papa pat his pocket.

We live over three- hundred miles away from my Dad now. My Dad is still the hardest working man I know.  We look forward to finding time between demanding schedules and distance to spend time together. Even over geographical distance, M&Ms are still eaten melted at the Burden house. I don't remember who started microwaving the M&Ms. Like many other things, my siblings and I would probably each assume lone credit.  But I think we would agree on one thing. The melted M&Ms serve as a reminder that our lives have been blessed having been warmed by our father's heart.

You must know Dad.

Through your provision,

through your sacrifice,

through your love,

and simply through your presence,

you have colored my world and warmed my heart.


6 thoughts on “A Story of M&Ms and a Father’s Love

  1. Eva

    Oh wow....memories memories.......    I remember a bowl or a container with a lid on. if you would lift the lid,  a melody started playing... giving away that you were taking m&m-s......    🙂

    1. Kristiburden

      So funny Eva. You're right. The music wasn't just a pretty tune, it gave away someone was in the m&m jar. Great memories!!!

  2. Jennfournier

    Love this. I am blessed with a dad who has demonstrated a Godly, scrificing love for me and those last few lines really made me tear up!! They are perfect and I hope you don't mind if I borrow them to share with my dad! My dad who came over from Mexico in his early teenage years has been making sacrifices from a very early age for his own dad in Mexico and continues to do so eventhough both my brother and I are married and have families of our own. It is truly a treasure to have a dad who demonstrates his love to kids regularly in whatever candy form that may be. 🙂

    1. Kristiburden

      Yes share them with your dad.  Love your story. One special memory I have of my dad is when he sold several of his special coins in his collection to buy my Senior ring.  That ring means the world to me. Hope your dad has an awesome Father's Day.

  3. Reginwellborn

    I also have a great memory of your dad patting his pockets for goodies... i love, love, love, your parents to the moon and back. They r also a very large part of my childhood memories.....love yall. Little gina

    1. Kristiburden

      You're right. You're a part of a bunch of good memories!!! The Colorado cabin invasion is still one of my favorites! I was telling the kids that story (again) just the other day! Thanks Regina!


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