Heyday Fridays; The Old Orange Café (A Novice Foodie Mission)

So. Jason and I are finally back to having our Friday lunch date. Kathy Bass suggested The Old Orange Cafe last spring. We took her up on that suggestion today.

All I can say is White Balsamic & Bacon Dressing.

Well, I can always say more, but White Balsamic & Bacon Dressing will no doubt be the most important thing I say all day.

The Old Orange Café is found at 914 W Division St. in Orange. There are plenty of great places to eat in here in Nederland, but sometimes we just like to take a short road trip. I might mention that we crossed the "bridges" and I didn't pray this time. I took pictures instead. I'm growing up. Have I mentioned I hate bridges? Sometimes I wish we could get from Point A to Point C without Point B, Point B being the bridge. But like I mentioned, it's Point B that has taught me to pray and gets me to Point C. And now that I'm starting to grow up, I'm learning that Point B, the bridge (though sometimes frightening) is beautiful.

The café is off of Tenth Street. We had to circle the block several times before parking, but you don't need to do that.


No complaints here. Our glasses were never empty and we were waited on promptly.


The building was originally opened in the early 1940's as part of a dairy. The walls are covered in ceramic tile as was required of a dairy in those days. The café has a rustic feel with historic pictures of Orange and of the owners' family. Have I mentioned that I love pictures? It's a small building with high ceilings. It's an any occasion type of place.


$$ The entrée's range from about $8 to the Catch of the Day being around $20.


The menu offers a wide range of offerings. Normally, I'm not a big salad eater, but there were six or more types of salads and every one of them sounded good. They offer sandwiches and burgers; a shrimp burger with a jalepeno cheese bun and spicy mayo caught my eye. There are also several chicken and shrimp entrees. Fresh pies, including buttermilk, are served too but we were too stuffed. In fact, Jason is so stuffed he's not helping me write today. He's stretched out somewhere.


Jason had the special, Portabella Chicken. When I just asked how he liked it, a voice from the couch said, it was goodness slathered in cream and sautéed onions, topped with avocado. I had the Swiss Bacon Quiche. It was light, tasty and fluffy; everything a good quiche should be. The crust was homemade; I could tell. But the best part was the Shrimp Salad we decided to share. This is where I bring up that White Balsamic & Bacon Dressing again. This is also where my only regret of the day (so far) comes in; sharing the Shrimp Salad with Jason. Because sharing with your husband is not always fifty-fifty. I almost flipped the bowl stabbing a shrimp close to the rim before Jason could get to it. We also both used our finger to get the last taste of dressing that remained in the Dixie dressing cup….and lid. It was that good.

The Old Orange Café was a great outing. I also probably don't have to remind you local folks that Orange is a great city to visit with the Lutcher Theater and the Stark Museum (Disclaimer: Haven't been to either, but they're on the list). A visit to Shangri La Botanical Gardens and Nature Center would also be a nice place to visit after you eat, to walk off some of those candied walnuts. In fact, every fall I understand that the Gardens have a display of scarecrows. The website shows "The Scarecrow Festival" starting on October 8. We've planned on going every year, but haven't made it yet. I've tried to convince Hayden every year since we've been here that's what he wants to do for his birthday (10/30). Because what teenage boy wouldn't want to look at scarecrows with his parents and sisters? Maybe the promise of an accompanying slice of chocolate pie might entice him.


2 thoughts on “Heyday Fridays; The Old Orange Café (A Novice Foodie Mission)

  1. Peggy Claybar

    I enjoyed your blog comments about Orange and the Old Orange Cafe. I was born in Orange and feel blessed to have been raised here and raised our children here. They also chose to raise theirs here. One of our sons, David Christian Claybar chose to be in business with the Old Orange Cafe. He and his employees work so very hard. It was wonderful to read your comments. P.S. All of his dressings are freshly made by him daily and nearly all specialty salads have their own delicious dressing. Our other son is a fine Orange police officer. Orange does have Wonderful places with three of the "funnest" being InFocus, Parlours, and A Little Bit Gaudy, but we have many more. Shangri La changes with the seasons and is beautiful Any time of the year. Their gift shop offers the most wonderful gifts for children and adults alike. So come on back over to Orange. We will be glad to have you! I also cross the Rainbow every day. I am a nurse at Christus St. Mary.

    1. Kristi Burden

      Post author

      Thanks Peggy! I've been back since. Several ladies decided to go back with me. They enjoyed it as much as I did. I need to make another trip. There's nothing better, in my opinion, than a small town with deep roots. How blessed you are to have your family near you. I'm part of a large family and my husband and I are the only ones who have moved away. He is a pastor in Nederland. We're thankful to live in a community that feels much like family. Sounds like you have a good little trip to make each day for work. We'll certainly be visiting the café again. And again, thanks for responding.


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