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We had a God's Girlies gathering yesterday.  I think I can speak for everybody when I say it was fun. 

Banana Extravaganza 

The Bunch

The girls went to three different stations.

The girls made "Banana Boats".  They were easy and delicious-two of my favorite cooking words. I'll post the recipe soon.

We made Go Banana Cookbooks with banana inspired recipes.

Last but not least, we had devotion time and a game of Bananagrams

They learned that once in their maturing state, bananas grow up as they sense the sun. Likewise as we sense the "son" we are called to grow up as well, allowing things that once held weight in our lives to be replaced with the things of God - the fruit of the Spirit.

For the full devotion, go the search box and type in "grow up".  It should pull up the devotion "Grow Up. Be the Better Banana".

There was even a little backyard time left.

Good times.

Good Friends.

All because of a Good God!

Thanks to all the moms.  Thank you for coming.  Thank you for your help.  I continue to be certain that these investments in our girl's lives are invaluable.

Excited to announce-God's Girlies T-shirts to come! Check out our facebook page.